A Changing Vision


Personal vision -the ability to see things differently. It’s a major factor in moving forward with the production of any major photographic body of work and can be the defining factor in the success of many photographers.

How does personal vision develop and how does change come about- Is it simply a conscious decision to look at things differently or is it gradually influenced by images we look at on a daily basis?

I think personal vision goes way deeper than the influence of other photographers: it relates to our feelings and attitudes about the world which surrounds us.

I know I look at things differently than when I first started taking pictures.  This is, in part, due to the huge range of imagery I consume in comparison with my relatively narrow knowledge of photographic work when I first started out.  It is also due to the fact I’ve been consciously trying to become stronger at shooting details and landscapes.  But I think it’s mainly due to the way I feel about my day-to-day to surroundings in general.

I used to yearn for the exotic and the extraordinary, foreign climes and life changing experiences.  I assumed the answers to my questions were elsewhere rather than right in front of me.

I’ve learned to look for beauty in the ordinary and I am excited by the stories that lie in wait for me all around.  I find fulfilment in the huge range of different people who provide me with a window into their lives. Of course the yearning for the “extraordinary experience” is still there (and yes I would like to go somewhere warm once in a while) but the feeling is not all encompassing.


By: Robert Ormerod