Doomen Exhibition


Robert Ormerod’s second solo exhibition on his “Doomen” series is on display at The Institute, 14 Roseneath Street Edinburgh from 29th June to 28th of July, in Edinburgh’s Marchemont.

Young Doomen tell stories of men who sleep and eat with their pigeons and others who have left their wives for the birds. Over Tennents and cigarettes they talk about long ago fights over birds which left someone’s uncle or grandfather stabbed or beaten. They talk about how huts used to be torched, almost forgotten brawls and van loads of Edinburgh Doomen raiding huts in Glasgow en mass. But most of all they talk about the excitement of the catch: Who has caught what; who’s flying well, the near misses and the thrill of the catch.

This series explores “Doo flying”, a pass-time which has been practiced in Scotland since Victorian times. Thousands, mainly in the housing schemes of Edinburgh and Glasgow, fly horseman thief pigeons, or “doos” from are lofts, bedrooms, living rooms and sheds often built by hand.

By: Robert Ormerod