Fast forward, rewind

Fast forward, rewind


2012 may still be in its infancy, but it’s already shaping up to be a busy and exciting year for us here at Statement. If you follow us on twitter or elsewhere there’s a chance, just maybe, that you might have heard of our new members call. The submissions are rolling in and I can say we’re very much looking forward to going through them. But if you like to leave things to the last minute then fear not, you have until 12pm GMT on Friday 20th January 2012 to get that submission in. So no more dithering, don’t think about it, just do it and see what happens.

If you’d like to read some background info on Statement before making your submission then you can find out more about us in this profile on the excellent Fototazo website.

So that’s looking to the future, but what are we up to now? Well all of the current Statement photographers are busy working on new projects and ideas. Although it’s too early to share details just yet, we can update on what a few of the members have been up to.

Robert Ormerod has a 5 page spread in the January edition of Amateur Photographer magazine which you can seen at the bottom of this post. The article includes an interview with Rob and featured work from his Red Road project which can be seen in multimedia form here. The project was selected as part of the Press Photographers Year 2011.

In what has been quite a busy month already, Rob also contributed a 6 page article with photographs on Edinburgh for the current in flight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines (see right), and had images accompanying an article by Peter Ross in the Scotland on Sunday.

Finally, Rob has had work included in two books. The first published by the Missouri Photo Workshop includes images from Rob’s project ‘The Resurrection of Eddie Troy’. The second book, which also includes work by fellow Statement member James Dodd, is published by the Magenta Foundation. Both Rob and James received honourable mentions in the Magenta Flash Forward Emerging Photographer 2011 selection. The book can be purchased (alongside a pdf preview) from the Foundations website.

Here at Statement we have many discussions between ourselves about alternative funding models, reaching different audiences, and how to utilise the multitude of platforms and formats out there (think galleries, books, editorial, broadcast, online, and social media). With this in mind James Dodd has posted a short piece on his decision to move away from Flickr and about why photographers post work online in general. Expect to see more articles surrounding the changing face of photography from James in the future.

In terms of showcasing work, Sunday Morning Sales, the project on carboot sales by James was recently featured by Fraction Magazine. The edit on Fraction’s site contains images not shown before.

Finally, at the top of this post is a short video produced by James featuring everything he ate in the first 6 months of 2011. The project started after he experienced dietary problems in 2007 and his doctor advised him to keep a food diary. Speaking about the project he said “Feasted is a photographic exploration of the simplest terms, and while at times it may hint to my tastes and life style, its sole aim is for me to discover the root of my dietary issues.” You can see read more on his website here.


By: Statement Photographers