understanding how systems work

With a background is in computer programming, I have a great interest in understanding how systems work, and this is something which extends out of the computerverse and into my own photography. So when I read Alec Soth’s musings on the subject, it really did strike a cord with me:

“Knowing it’s not a formula, I know that I have to keep shaking these up, so I do something fast, then do something that takes years, trying different things. Do the stuff where I work alone, do the stuff where I work collaboratively. Sometimes it will fall flat, but hopefully magic will strike at some point.”

Alec Soth – Interviewed by Big Red & Shiny

While I usually find photographers musings on why they do what they do, to be more than a little whimsical, I really did agree with Soth here.
There isn’t a set formula to photography (books and project making) or if there is people keep it to themselves. So to a certain extent a perfect method or system can’t exist. And despite this, I still search for one. And in a way photography almost becomes a never ending quest for the the holy grail. My only hope is that I don’t ever find it, because at that point I may possibly lose interest in photography.

By: James Dodd