Red Road Multimedia

To coincide World Refugee Day and Refugee Week 2011 Statement Images photographer Robert Ormerod has produced this multimedia story about the Red Road housing estate in North Glasgow.

Red Road is Scotland’s main centre for accommodating asylum seekers who have recently arrived in the country.  It houses several hundred of a total of around 2000 asylum seekers living in Glasgow.

Robert’s work from this project is currently on display at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow until June 31st



By: Robert Ormerod

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  • Charles ATANGANA

    I really think that seeking asylum in a foreign country and specially in Europe should a simple knock at the door. And the person or the one behind the door should also take time to consider the person who is knocking at the door. Seeking asylum shouldn`t be a struggle or a fight, it should be a kind of open minded conversation where at the end, it must be a human  response. But unfortunately seeking asylum here in the UK has become similar to the Jews concentration camp where people are kept in limbo and living in poor housing condition where local people don`t even or have refused to live in….and those seeking asylum should also bear in mind that they came here to seek and not to challenge and even to struggle, not ot destroy or force the person behind the door to open that door and offer a sanctuary…If they are given opportunity to challenge, then they should use it with full force and strengh…

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