Sunday Morning Sales

Each seller pulls up to their pitch with their car rammed full of remnants of their lives: the books they’ve read, the gift’s they never wanted to receive, the clothes they feel no longer defines them and the hobbies and collections they no longer desire to peruse.

Each stall is almost portrait of the seller, a piece of themselves spread out right there on decorating tables and on the floor for all to see and buy.

What began as a photographic exercise and a way to keep me sharp in-between other projects and assignments eventually developed into more of a personal journey to understanding the value of goods and perception of quality.

It’s not only my thinking that’s changed, but also my buying habits. I buy whatever I can from car boots. From clothes to household goods and it comforts me to know that each item has their own back-stories in a way, which is incomparable to new goods.

This is what keeps drawing me back, week in week out… the voyeuristic experiences, the bargains and cheap bacon sarnie’s.


This is the first episode in a series of posts on Sunday Morning sales as the work continues throughout next year.

By: James Dodd