The Wednesday

From finishing third in the premier league, winning silverware and competing with Europe’s elite, to dropping down 2 leagues and 55 places in under 20 years.


Only a year after being saved from near economic extinction, May 5th 2012 could be seen as a turning point for Sheffield Wednesday’s fortunes, as in front of 38,000 fans (incidentally the highest crowd outside the top division this year) they pipped local rivals Sheffield United  in the race for promotion (the tightest competition in the leagues history).

Sheffield Wednesday’s fall from grace is synonymous of the problems the english game has faced in recent years. It is now no longer uncommon to see so called “big” football clubs fall to the lower echelons of the football league (next season will see 5 clubs with premier league experience compete in the third tier) and it’s the financial management of the clubs which takes much of the blame for their demise.

Wednesday Fans will now be dreaming of climbing back up the football league to it’s pinnacle in the premier league, emulating clubs like Southampton and Norwich, who both achieved consecutive promotions and both have received the bounty that the worlds richest league brings *


* In 2010, football clubs in the Premier League had a combined debt of £3 Billion

By: James Dodd