Rückenwind translates from German to mean tail wind. It also happens to be the name of a long term project supported by Youth in Action to provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with opportunities for personal development.

In January of this year one of these opportunities saw 5 volunteers from around Europe arrive in the twin Cornish villages of Cawsands and Kingsands with the challenge or restoring a hundred year old fishing boat called ‘Two Sisters.’ Ville, Harry, Markus, Fabian and Peter, under the guidance of project leader Leo Kaserer and local fisherman Malcolm Baker, set about attempting to return the boat to it’s original condition. No mean feat given many years of neglect.

Also arriving in Cornwall with a challenge were a small film crew comprising myself and James Stier who had the task of filming the project for Sheffield based production company Voidcomp. The project was great fun to work on and couldn’t have been completed without the good humour of the young people themselves and the local community who fully got behind the project.

The 20 minute film is currently undergoing a german translation and awaits broadcast in several European member countries. A follow up documentary focusing on several of the main characters is currently in pre-production.

By: Mark Lomas